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Holiday How-to: Vinyl Luminaries

Create a trail of light using these holiday luminaries. Make dozens in an afternoon and reuse them y...

Create a trail of light using these holiday luminaries. Make dozens in an afternoon and reuse them year after year.

What It Costs: $26 for 30 luminaries

What You’ll Need

10-in x 50-ft vinyl flashing

Landscaping pins (optional)

Drill and bit set

Utility knife


Measuring tape




1. Cover a flat work surface with cardboard or a cutting mat. Unroll the flashing and mark both edges every 20 inches; cut between the marks with a crafts or utility knife. One roll provides enough flashing for about 30 luminaries.


2. Secure one flashing strip to a piece of scrap wood using clamps. Mark centered horizontal and vertical lines.


3. Drill five 1/2-inch holes as shown to start the pattern. This piece of flashing will act as your template when you drill the remaining pieces of flashing.


4. Drill the other holes freehand in different sizes -- make the wider holes closer to the center and smaller holes and wide spaces closer to the edges. Avoid drilling holes within 6 inches of either short end so they won’t be hidden when the flashing is wrapped into a cylinder.


Tip: If you will use the luminaries on bare grass instead of partially burying them in snow, drill 1/4-inch holes 1 inch up from the bottom edge and 1/2 inch from both ends of the template. After rolling and stapling each luminary, secure it to the ground with a landscape pin.

5. Stack 10 flashing pieces underneath the drilled template and clamp them to a scrap board. Follow the template to drill through all 10. Repeat for the remaining pieces in groups of 10.

6. Roll a piece of flashing into a cylinder shape with 1-inch overlaps on the ends; staple the ends together. Repeat for the remaining luminaries.

Tip: After the holidays, you can store your luminaries in a small space by removing the staples and flattening the flashing.

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