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Why You Need to Splurge for a Spa Visit

If it''s been a while since you went to a spa -- or maybe you''ve never gone -- it''s time to consid...

Every year, two of my best friends and I get together for a weekend. It’s precious time with the two people who know me so well and have known me so long -- and will always tell me the brutal truth. Together, we talk about our lives, our struggles, triumphs and worries. And we laugh and laugh and laugh.

This year, we met up at a spa -- the Spa at Norwich in Connecticut -- for what may have been one of the most blissful weekends I ever had. What could be better than nearly three days of indulgence, which included walking the well-manicured grounds dressed in white terry bathrobes?

The first night, I was encased in a milk and honey wrap. The next night, I had my first hot stone massage. The two treatments helped rub away all the stress I’d been harboring in my back and gave me a peaceful mind that temporarily erased my worries.

We spent our days lounging by the pool, getting our eye makeup fine-tuned and shopping in the boutique. We feasted on omelettes, crepes and fresh berries for breakfast and exquisitely prepared meals of salmon, risotto and tofu for dinner. We did yoga and meditation, hit the ellipticals in the gym and soaked in a hot tub.

Like I said, it was pure bliss.

Of course, a spa visit isn’t something I do every day. In fact, this was the first time I spent an entire weekend at a spa. But after this weekend, I think that every mom should indulge in a spa visit at least once.

I know splurging on a spa visit seems like a pricey luxury at a time when we’re all clipping coupons and clinging to our jobs. But making time to spoil yourself makes up for all the hard work we do the rest of the time and enables us to keep chugging along in this thing called life. It makes it easier for us to take care of our kids, manage our hefty to-do lists and everything else that life throws our way.

And of course, that massage feels really good too.

What do you do to relax and unwind -- and keep your sanity as a mom?

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