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5 Cool Apps for Your Labor Day Weekend

Your Labor Day planning just became a lot less laborious, thanks to these nifty apps.

Ready to pack up the car -- or your picnic basket -- for Labor Day this weekend? Here’s how to make your time off more memorable, with the help of the latest, greatest apps:

1. Put down the map.
Spontaneity is the spice of life, which explains why random road trip detours can be so much fun. Download Roadside America for off-the-beaten-path suggestions -- like the world’s largest easel in Goodland, Kan., or a museum filled with fake frogs in Eureka Springs, Ariz.

2. Go camping.
For those in cold-weather climates, Labor Day may be one of the last chances to go camping in 2011. You can use Campwhere to pinpoint your next camping destination. From interactive maps to facility rundowns, this iPhone app is chock-full of information on more than 7,500 campgrounds around the United States.

3. Let your trip plan itself.
If you’d prefer to let someone else do your trip-planning for you, check out the preplanned itineraries on Gowalla. Thanks to its “Trips” feature, this free app makes it a snap to identify all of the must-see sites in any given area. Much like Yelp and foursquare, you can also use Gowalla to review and check in to the places you visit on your Labor Day adventures.

4. Get grilling.
For those who are staying a little closer to home and are ready to fire up the barbie, grilling apps will have your guests’ mouths watering in no time. Available for both iPhone and Android, Grill-It! offers a wide array of recipes with innovative creations, like grilled coconut custard or ancho chili with cinnamon shrimp, alongside tried-and-true favorites like steak, chicken and seafood.

5. Save the memories.
No matter where you go or what you do on the holiday weekend, documenting your plans is half the fun. Try photo app Hipstamatic for a refreshingly retro spin on the pictures you take. The unique photos that result will let you live out your Labor Day experience again and again!

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