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You Made That Detergent Bottle Into a What?

I know that reusing is a key component of the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). I''ve turned my old...

I know that reusing is a key component of the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle): I’ve turned my old jelly jars into coin collectors, my ripped jeans into stylish summer shorts, and my tired T-shirts into rags for household cleaning.

But what about a plastic laundry-detergent bottle? Could something so basic have a useful second life? With a little research and a sharp pair of utility shears, I discovered that laundry detergent bottles can make …

Excellent Storage Containers
Simply cut off the top of the bottle (and wash well to remove any soap residue) and you have a safe spot to stash, well, anything. Sticking with the laundry theme, I use the containers to store clothing pins (for outdoor drying) and dryer sheets, but they also make excellent containers for arts and crafts gear, or hardware like nails and bolts.

Superior Scoops
Slice off the top part of a detergent bottle so you have just the bottom with the handle left. Now you have an all-purpose scoop for anything that requires scooping -- dirt, sand, dog food, you name it!

Fantastic Funnels
Remove the bottom of a detergent container and, presto! You have a sturdy funnel. Just turn it upside down, remove the cap and start funneling.

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