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Packages Alert Notification - Additional Solutions

Here are some additional solutions thanks to Robert Ricketts:

Porch pirates are a big and growing problem these days since
so many people are buying online. If your front door is clearly visible from
the street that'll increase the likelihood of a quick snatch and run.

 Possible Solutions:

+ Have your items held at the local depot or transferred to
a business partner. e.g. Fedex has a deal with Walgreens to accept packages,
UPS has their UPS stores, and of course USPS has offices, too.

+ If you regularly receive lots of packages then consideringinstalling a locker on your front porch. Google "front porch locker" (without the quotes) then click images and you'll see dozens of models of all

+ If you or spouse works outside the house in an office or
something, and work allows it, have your packages shipped there instead.

+ Some online sellers, like Amazon, have lockers installedin area business like Whole Foods. Amazon also has an    "inside delivery" program where the delivery person can leave the package inside
your home. That works by  installing a special electronic lock on your door.

A security cam might feel good if you get a video of atheft, but practically speaking, the odds of catching a perp that way aren't good. And they'll still have your item anyway. Not a fan of cams.

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