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Web Site is now Live!

The Lakes of Sherbrooke web site is now live

The Lakes of Sherbrooke Board of Directors is pleased to announce the Lakes of Sherbrooke now has a web site.  Through the web site, residents may access a number of useful features.

Examples include:
  • See the amenities offered by the LOS, hours, policies, etc.
  • Calendar of events
  • Photos of our community and events
  • Read announcements (such as this one)
  • Message board where members may post to the community and read messages posted by others.
  • See homes for sale or lease
  • Access a community address book
  • See who serves on the board and various committees
  • Purchase a copy of the community documents

Not all the foregoing features are activated at this time.  Building a complete and resourceful site takes time, but we wanted to open it up as soon as possible, even with today's fairly limited offerings.  As the web site is developed, more and more of the foregoing features will be activated.

Some of the site features, such as the community address book, are available only to residents that have registered for a userid.  Other features, such as homes for sale or lease and amenities, are available to everyone -- including potential home buyers looking at our community.

If there's something you believe would be a useful addition to the site, please let us know.

Send email to:  webmaster@TheLakesOfSherbrooke.org


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